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Congratulations to the 2023 winners

It’s official! We would like recognize the winners of the Syllabus Awards 2023. Winners were selected from thousands of instructors and designers from hundreds of institutions. Check out the individual awards and the recipients below.

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Syllabus Award SMU Ona Seaney
syllabus management software
syllabus management platform

Digital Impact Award

The Digital Impact award recognizes an instructor who has transformed their syllabus into a digitally native, 21st century document. Designed to make use of video, imagery, and other interactive elements—they have drastically improved the student experience and modernized the way they share curriculum at their institution to make a massive impact.

Universal Access Award

The Universal Access Award recognizes an institution that has made a commitment to communicating curriculum to their students in an open and accessible format. The institution that receives this award has optimized class syllabi to ensure all students, regardless of disabilities, have an opportunity to consume the information needed to succeed.
Syllabus Publishing Award SVCC
Syllabus Management Award Indian River Community College
syllabus management application
syllabus management system

Excellence in Engagement Award

indian river state college
The Excellence in Engagement Award recognizes an institution that has successfully achieved high levels of engagement with their syllabi. This award recognizes institutions across two primary metrics, the percentage of students and instructors that interact with their syllabus and curriculum, as well as the frequency and volume of those interactions.

Curriculum Creator Leadership Award

Genesis Alvarenga, University of California, santa cruz
The Curriculum Creator Leadership Award recognizes an instructional designer, faculty/instructor, or other team member at an institution that has helped design and create a large number of syllabi, course templates, and other academic materials that are utilized by campus stakeholders. The recipient of this award is a leader in content creation and pedagogical innovation.
Syllabus publishing platform
syllabus management software
syllabus publishing technology

Design Star Award

the university of texas at san antonio
The Design Star Award recognizes an institution that has developed and implemented both a professional and appealing design for their syllabi. Recipients of this award have implemented best practices associated with web design to make sure their content looks good and is easily usable by their students and campus community.