The Syllabus Publishing Platform

Save instructors time and eliminate redundancy

At institutions lacking a defined process for syllabus management, more than half of instructors responsible for creating class syllabi reported that it was both a difficult and time consuming process. Couple these issues with an increase in administrative demands on instructors and the need for a technology solution that reduces workload becomes clear.

Get started on a path to a simpler future with a syllabus publishing platform.


Simple Syllabus helps instructors save time, eliminate redundant tasks, and stay organized through a centralized dashboard and digital personal assistant. Instructors can publish a new syllabus to the web, print, mobile, and LMS simultaneously with a single click. Content previously created by instructors automatically carries forward each term in the syllabus publisher, eliminating the need for laborious copy and paste.  A single page, easy-to-use publishing tool saves content in realtime, can be accessed from anywhere, and never needs software updates. Simple Syllabus helps instructors create more interactive syllabi by including rich media, such as video or images, directly within their class syllabus.

Centralized Dashboard

Simple Syllabus keeps syllabus responsibilities organized for instructors through a centralized, easy-to-use dashboard. The built-in digital personal assistant automatically flags upcoming syllabi and can send important email reminders about due dates for syllabus publishing. Faculty can work on any future syllabi or access current or previously created syllabi they have authored through a quick search and filter tool.

Content Carries Forward

Save instructors substantial time by remembering their work. If an instructor teaches multiple sections of a course, or has previously published a syllabus for a class in a former term, the software will pre-populate their current syllabus with their most recent content for edit and review. All content created by instructors is dynamically saved for future use and does not require faculty to take any additional steps, saving even more time.

Single Page Publishing

Intuitive, single page syllabus publishing experience helps get syllabi published quickly and requires no training for faculty to use. Entirely cloud-based, instructors can work on their class syllabi from anywhere at anytime on any device—even mobile. Content entered is instantly saved ensuring continuity in the event of internet loss. Simple Syllabus supports all major browsers and does not require any software installations or updates.

LTI Application

Directly embed the Simple Syllabus publisher within popular LMS platforms such as Canvas, Blackboard, or Moodle using the Learning Tools Interoperability standard. Designed to be a completely seamless experience, users do not need a seperate user account or password to access Simple Syllabus, single sign on authentication is handled through the LMS.

Cross Channel

Empower instructors with a syllabus management tool that simultaneously publishes their class syllabus across multiple formats including web, print, mobile, and the LMS. Fully responsive all content created within Simple Syllabus renders properly regardless of screen size. Dynamically generated embed codes give instructors HTML in an iframe to publish their syllabus on a personal website or blog.

Rich Media

Enhance your institution’s class syllabi with interactivity. Simple Syllabus supports images hosted directly within the syllabus publisher or externally and can even add digital assets to the software from a copy and paste. Instructors can upload video or embed clips from popular sites such as Youtube, Vimeo, or Wistia to further enhance the student experience.