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Save instructors time

Help instructors get back to what matters most and reduce administrative overhead

syllabus management system

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The solution is Simple

At institutions lacking a defined process for syllabus management, more than half of instructors reported that it was both difficult and time consuming to create a syllabus. Couple these issues with increased administrative demands on instructors—the need for a technical solution becomes clear.

Simple Syllabus helps instructors save time, eliminate redundant tasks, and stay organized through a centralized dashboard and digital personal assistant. Instructors can publish a new syllabus to the web, print, mobile, and LMS simultaneously with a single click. Content previously created by instructors automatically carries forward each term.

Best of all? Simple Syllabus is a single-page, easy-to-use publishing tool that saves content instantaneously and can be accessed by instructors from anywhere at any time.

All the features your campus needs

syllabus management system

Single-page publishing

Intuitive publishing experience helps get syllabi published quickly and requires no training.

Syllabus publishing platform

To the cloud

Entirely cloud-based, instructors can work on syllabi from anywhere at any time.

syllabus management technology

Real-time Save

Content entered is instantly saved, ensuring continuity in the event of connectivity issues.

syllabus data

Content carries forward

Multiple sections or previously taught courses prepopulate associated syllabi.

syllabus LMS integration

Embed natively in LMS

Directly embed the Simple Syllabus publisher natively within popular LMS platforms.

syllabus video

Rich media

Enhance your class syllabi with rich media, including images, videos, audio, and more.

syllabus publishing platform

Cross channel

Publish across multiple formats simultaneously, including web, print, and mobile.

syllabus management system

Virtual assistant

Digital assistant flags upcoming syllabi due and sends important email reminders.

syllabus reporting tool

Track activity

View student engagement and track syllabus acknowledgment in real time.