Simple Syllabus

Seamlessly integrated

Simple Syllabus leverages the power of your existing technology ecosystem to automate syllabus creation

Large impact with minimal resources

From design to delivery, Simple Syllabus keeps track of institutional curriculum data and gives you full-lifecycle visibility to operate more effectively. With Simple Syllabus, publishing class syllabi is much easier and more organized.

Simple Syllabus fits into your existing technology ecosystem seamlessly. Engineered from the ground up to leverage the data within your SIS and LMS, the Simple Syllabus data model is personalized to your institution during the implementation process to accelerate integration and reduce the workload on your technical staff. The Simple Syllabus Data Hub module facilitates the mapping of fields between Simple Syllabus and popular tools, providing detailed information on the statuses of imports, potential errors, and summary information.

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Do more in less time

Let your data do the work—Simple Syllabus prepopulates critical portions of the syllabus with real-time data—so your staff doesn’t have to. Our tool supports integrations with the most popular learning management systems using LTI and API integration options. Simple Syllabus also has pre-built connections with many popular SIS tools and supports flat file transfer and API integrations.
Be everywhere

Stay in sync

No need to worry about your curriculum again, let Simple Syllabus ensure consistency of critical course data across campuses, modalities, and sections. Simple Syllabus integrations can be configured to run in real time, hourly, or nightly intervals based on your institutions needs.
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Be in the know

Get better insight

Instantly discover new insights on curriculum delivery and student engagement to improve learning outcomes across campus. Leverage the power of data to identify at risk students when it matters most.