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Finding new ways to innovate pedagogy and better engage students is a critical part of any institution’s commitment to continuous improvement. The syllabus presents a unique opportunity for campus stakeholders to have a constructive discussion on teaching and new ways for staff to provide ongoing impactful support. With nearly 90% of students accessing their syllabus throughout the semester, this is also a great way for instructors to improve communication through effective course design.

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Simple Syllabus is a centralized, template-driven platform that creates a collaborative environment between instructors, instructional designers, and other institutional staff. Easy to use and instantaneous, the administrative template builder will enable you to quickly define required or suggested content for the syllabus that instructors can leverage to save time. Provide direct support throughout the entire syllabus design process by actually creating content for instructors or simply provide basic guidance through inline help resources such as text-based instructions, videos, and more. Simple Syllabus is incredibly flexible and can be specifically designed to meet the needs of your institution’s organizational culture.

Advanced reporting and diagnostic tools can help you identify potential departments to engage or individual instructors that may need help.

Support Faculty

  • Provide direct instructional design support—virtually
  • Eliminate redundant tasks and save instructors time
  • Keep required assignments organized

Engage Students

  • Publish syllabi in web, print, and mobile formats
  • Allow evaluation ahead of registration
  • Aggregated list of class materials

Innovate The Classroom

  • Incorporate rich, interactive media into syllabi
  • Deliver useful tips and course design suggestions
  • Track syllabi and evaluate performance
Nearly 1 in 2 schools
report problems
with syllabi consistency
0% of Administrators
say retrieving syllabi are difficult
Nearly 1 in 3Schools
hasen't evaluated their syllabi for accessibility

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Foster Pedagogical Discussion

Simple Syllabus facilitates an environment of teaching innovation. Leveraging the concept of templates, Simple Syllabus liberates you and your school’s instructors from having to memorize or maintain every campus policy. Instead, updates from the Provost’s Office, School/Department Dean, Faculty Senate, or Curriculum Committee are automatically amended within each syllabus, ensuring consistency of information, so your team can focus on what matters most, content focused on actual learning.

With Simple Syllabus, Instructional Designers can define learning objectives, required materials, and other critical elements that will be incorporated across all sections or instances of a class regardless of delivery methods such as face-to-face, online, or blended. Instructors can still have significant autonomy and personalize this material to optimize the learning experience of their classroom without worrying about compliance and long governance processes.

Improve The Student Experience

Help students succeed by mapping out their future. The syllabus library enables students to research classes in advance of registration, or if configured, before ever enrolling at your institution. Perfect alignment between teaching methods and learning styles leads to less dropped courses and better completion rates. Also, make critical syllabus information more readily available. Simple Syllabus simultaneously publishes syllabi to web, print, and mobile formats enabling students to study anywhere at anytime. An automated LTI integration also ensures class syllabi are included within the Learning Management System.

Deliver Curriculum As Designed

Institutions spend a significant amount of resources on curriculum management, ensuring that carefully curated curriculum is delivered as designed is just as important. Simple Syllabus leverages templates to pre-populate major sections of the syllabus for faculty automatically. Details such as the course description, learning objectives, prerequisites and more can be locked down to ensure consistency across multiple modalities and instructors.