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Help make life easier for instructors—save time and reduce workload through a syllabus publishing platform

Helping instructors get back to teaching

Creating engaging and informative syllabi shouldn’t be time-consuming or problematic, yet on many college campuses, it’s just that. Does your institution require complex syllabus templates? Do you spend time uploading or sending your syllabi to multiple locations and revising ever-changing policy information?

The good news is that can all change! Simple Syllabus was specifically designed to support academic freedom and help instructors publish syllabi—quickly and easily. Effortlessly build syllabi using customizable templates, eliminating the need to memorize or maintain every campus policy. Once published, the syllabus publishing platform takes care of the rest—published syllabi will be available and accessible in the central repository and automatically available in web, mobile, and print formats in all locations the syllabus exists.

The user interface is incredibly intuitive and requires no training. Its web-based architecture makes it accessible from anywhere, anytime, and requires no software installation or updates.

syllabus management software
syllabus management platform

Better syllabi in less time

Directly embedded within your institution’s Learning Management System (LMS), your syllabus will prepopulate with data to save you time. Eliminate redundant tasks—automatically reflect course activity, such as assignment topics, due dates, points, and more entered into the LMS within the syllabus schedule. Data stored within the Student Information System (SIS), such as location, meeting times, or description, are also dynamically linked within your documents—no more data entry.

Create engaging syllabi

Simple Syllabus gives instructors the power to build highly personalized, engaging class syllabi leveraging interactive, web media such as images, video, audio, and more. Build the syllabus once in Simple Syllabus and it generates a web, mobile, and print version so your students can consume class information across multiple form factors. Additionally, instructors using Simple Syllabus don’t have to be accessibility experts to build content that is usable by all students. Simple Syllabus automatically optimizes your content for most screen readers and accessibility applications.
Syllabus publishing platform
syllabus management software
syllabus management platform
Syllabus Management know your learners
syllabus management application
syllabus management system
Engage students

Know your learners

Have you ever wondered if a student has read your syllabus? Wonder no more—Simple Syllabus can track student engagement, indicating who in your class has looked at the syllabus, how many times, and how recently. Instructors can also leverage Simple Syllabus’ proprietary, Student Confirmation feature. Track the actual percentage a student has read and prompt them upon successful completion to affirm success—all with detailed reporting of the class roster on the backend.