Syllabus Management Platform

Creating engaging, informative syllabi shouldn’t be time-consuming or difficult, yet on many college campuses, it’s just that. Does your institution require instructors to download and update complex templates, or worse, provide no guidance at all? Are you expected to search around and upload completed syllabi to various locations? Are staff members in your department wasting valuable time manually proofreading or tracking down old syllabi?

Get started on a path to a simpler future with syllabus management software.

The Solution Is Simple

Simple Syllabus is a centralized, template-driven platform that automatically populates major portions of your syllabus with the required institutional policies and data, so you don’t have to.

From your personalized dashboard, you will see a listing of both current and upcoming class syllabi with the ability to quickly modify through an online syllabus publisher. Designed specifically for faculty updating syllabi, the user interface is incredibly intuitive and requires no training to use. Its web-based architecture means it’s accessible from anywhere, anytime and requires no software installation or updates. All changes made to your syllabus are automatically saved without any need to push a button.

With Simple Syllabus, done actually means done. Once you publish your content the syllabus management software takes care of the rest, content is automatically rendered in web, mobile, and print formats – even communicating with the LMS and other third-party applications for reporting purposes.


  • Complete multiple syllabi sections at once
  • Virtual personal assistant keeps things organized
  • All syllabus content carries forward each year
  • No training required, easy to use tool

Do Less Work

  • Automatic population of institutional data
  • Available to update from anywhere, anytime
  • No more uploading and reporting
  • Built-in protection of intellectual property

Enhance learning

  • Include important attachments & materials
  • Deliver syllabus update notifications to students
  • Direct integration with LMS
  • Mobile optimization of syllabi

Only 16%


55% of the Time


1 in 3 Schools


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Focus on the Important

We get it – you’re busy. Simple Syllabus helps campus stakeholders get back to what’s most important to them with easy to use syllabus management software. Leveraging the concept of templates, Simple Syllabus liberates you from having to memorize or maintain every campus policy. Instead, updates from the Provost’s Office, School/Department Dean, Faculty Senate, or Curriculum Committee are automatically amended within each syllabus, ensuring consistency of information.

Simple Syllabus also helps your school address accreditation concerns. Course designers can define learning objectives, required materials, and other critical elements that will be incorporated across all sections or instances of a class regardless of delivery methods such as face-to-face, online, or blended. You as an instructor, can still further personalize this material to optimize the learning experience of your classroom without worrying about a long governance process.

With automated syllabus management software redundant, mundane work is never a problem. Simple Syllabus dynamically fills in data such as the course title, number, section, description, meeting days/times, instructor, office hours, contact information, and more. It can also process complex business logic, such as the final exam schedule. Once scheduling rules are defined at the department, college, or university level, Simple Syllabus automatically populates the final exam date and time for you.

Enhanced Learning

Syllabi are often times the go-to resource for information needed for academic success in the classroom, yet 82% of faculty surveyed report that most students have not read the syllabus before coming to the first day of class.

Simple Syllabus helps make your course content ubiquitous and brings it to life with our groundbreaking syllabus management software. The platform automatically optimizes your syllabus for web, mobile, and print while ensuring accessibility for students with disabilities. With Simple Syllabus preparing for class has never been easier for students; an automatically generated shopping list with all the materials needed for their classes each semester means they’re ready on day one.

Centralized Repository

Simple Syllabus stores all syllabi in an easily searchable, central syllabus repository for authorized users while still giving faculty the ability to protect intellectual property rights through field obfuscation. Use criteria such as term, department, course code, instructor, and keywords to quickly narrow down and find results. 

With content that is designated as public readily available, on-boarding new staff and sharing institutional knowledge is easy. New instructors can pull data from others within their department to quickly build syllabi for the upcoming term.