Simple Syllabus

Automatically archive

Automatically store all syllabi in an easily searchable, central repository for authorized campus stakeholders

syllabus management platform

Nearly 400 schools Simple Syllabus


Centralized syllabus repository

Thirty-five percent of administrators who work with syllabi report that retrieving them is difficult and time-consuming.

Simple Syllabus stores all documents in an easy-to-use, searchable syllabus repository for authorized campus stakeholders, including instructors, administrators, students, and external auditors, based on user permissions. Use filter criteria such as term, department, course code, instructor, and keywords to quickly narrow search results within the syllabus repository. Collect and export syllabi at any time with a click of a button for regulatory or accreditation reviews.

All the features your campus needs​

syllabus repository

Automatic archiving

Automatically archive all syllabi created in the publisher along with name and timestamp.

syllabus search

Powerful search

Perform campus-wide introspection on all syllabus content to find relevant results quickly.

syllabus publishing platform

Multi-format syllabus center

Store all syllabus content in multiple formats to promote the optimal campus experience.

centralized syllabus repository

Document upload

Upload and store documents from across campus in one centralized location.

syllabus storage

Intellectual property protection

Control the visibility of syllabi to users, both internally and externally.

syllabus retrieval

Quick retrieval

Instantly retrieve syllabi and export them for accreditation.

syllabus protection

Enhanced privacy

Restrict access to syllabus content down to an individual component level.

syllabi repository

Fast filters

Narrow results with smart filters, including term, organizational unit, subject, and more.

syllabus reporting tool

Identify interest

Track syllabus views and identify course offerings that are most popular.