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Our mission is to make your life simple

Your Simple Syllabus project team will consist of former educators, higher ed professionals, and software experts—all with the same goal of shortening deployment cycles and reducing institutional impact.

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Your partner for success

Simple Syllabus uses a proven methodology, drawing on our experience as the largest provider of syllabus technology in North America. The implementation process has been specifically developed based on feedback from our institutional partners to minimize resource impact and time for deployment. Today, on average, schools spend just 30 hours of staff time across a 12-week timeline to launch the platform.

Our team of experts supports your school from initial discovery to post-deployment, ensuring the product is highly customized to meet the unique requirements of your institution to ensure project success. The result? Simple Syllabus schools stay—we have an industry-leading retention rate of over 99%.

Learn more about how the implementation process can work for your institution.

On time

Simple Syllabus offers the fastest time to market with an average of 12 weeks

Low impact

Turnkey approach means your staff spends only 30 hours on implementation

Ensure success

Satisfaction is our top priority and it shows, with an over 99% client retention rate

On budget

Always on budget, Simple Syllabus provides fixed bid pricing for implementation

Train your way

Learn your way, with training options for live and online delivery

All the tools

Get all the resources you need with a comprehensive knowledge base
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Structured approach, flexible format

The Simple Syllabus implementation process is highly collaborative and responsive to the needs of your institution. While projects tend to follow a consistent arc, it’s important to note that Simple Syllabus utilizes an Agile methodology. This methodology allows our teams to adapt the process to the unique needs of each institution much more efficiently than your traditional ed-tech vendor. Projects are designed to be turnkey and organized around three primary pathways: Build Out, Technical, and Training.

Build Out Pathway

The purpose of the Build Out Pathway is to deliver a personalized, fully functional Simple Syllabus system. Designed to be completely turnkey, our team will implement your syllabus templates and product site styling, load your data, personalize system terminology and messaging, and much more. Throughout the Build Out Pathway, your Solutions Consultant will ensure alignment between the platform and your institutional goals.

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Syllabus management training pathway

Training Pathway

Our Training Pathway empowers your staff by providing the resources needed to become proficient in using and administering the Simple Syllabus product. Designed using multiple modalities, your users can choose to consume training resources in the way they learn best. Your Solutions Consultant will host precisely tailored, live, interactive training sessions.

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Technical Pathway

Simple Syllabus has partnered with most major Student Information System (SIS) and Learning Management System (LMS) providers to ensure our application fits seamlessly into your current ecosystem. Leveraging extensive in-house expertise and pre-built connectors, our technical team will configure the needed integrations based on your use case.

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