It's time things got simple.

Simple Syllabus is a centralized, template-driven platform that enables instructors to quickly personalize and publish interactive class syllabi—saving your entire campus time, budget, and frustration. Our application’s unique approach pulls together established institutional data such as policies, learning objectives, and course section content so your staff doesn’t have to.

Dynamic Templates

Find harmony between established standards and instructor autonomy

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Powerful Publisher

Save instructors time and eliminate redundancy

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Centralized Repository

Easily archive and retrieve syllabus records

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Detailed Reporting

Evidence collection and assessment made easy

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Student-centric Portal

Easier access to better academic information

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A Team You Can Count On

With nearly 75 years of higher education and software experience on staff, Simple Syllabus supports institutions of all types and sizes, ranging from a few hundred students to organizations with nearly 50,000 across all major regional accrediting bodies in the US. We invite you to learn more about a few of our latest projects, and see why we’re the right partner for you.

Syllabus Management Software Customers

The process has been simple and easy, especially with all the help their team provided.

Nikki O'Hagan, Principia College

What I love about Simple Syllabus, frankly, is how easy it is.

Matt Klauza, Palm Beach State

Dynamic Templates

  • Eliminate redundant tasks
  • Propagate changes instantly
  • Ensure consistency

Simple Syllabus increases efficiency by leveraging frequently used content to automatically build key components of your syllabi so your faculty and staff don’t have to. These components are used to ensure consistent messaging around class scheduling, office hours, textbooks to be used, policies, instructor bios and even content sensitive to accreditation such as learning objectives and the course outline. While most templates will heavily utilize components, Simple Syllabus also helps engage content owners – giving them the ability to quickly and easily personalize their own syllabi.

Personalized Dashboard

  • Simplify update process for faculty
  • Stay organized
  • Never forget deadlines

Simple Syllabus streamlines the update process by providing each user with a personalized dashboard that outlines their responsibilities. These tasks could include a submission of the user’s syllabus for an upcoming term, or the approval of a syllabus from another campus stakeholder that requires review. Once complete, action items are removed from the dashboard but can always be referenced historically.

Syllabus Reporting
& Governance

  • Automate accreditation activities
  • Foster collaboration
  • Establish audit trail

For institutions requiring governance around syllabi updates, Simple Syllabus provides an approval module that automatically routes a syllabus to designated approvers. Submission evaluators will quickly see what updates have been made through track changes, and can record notes or thoughts surrounding their decision. All activity is archived with the approval decision and easily retrieved through the reporting dashboard that helps with accreditation and assessment activities.

Central Syllabus

  • Helpful resource for new faculty & staff
  • Facilitate reuse of existing content
  • Easily archive & retain records

Simple Syllabus’ centralized repository is an invaluable tool for all stakeholders on campus. Administrators can efficiently gather documentation to provide as evidence when preparing for accreditation. New instructors can quickly get access to resources and pull from your institutional knowledge base. Students can research and plan their classes in advance, getting a comprehensive picture of their path to graduation.

Student Portal

  • Deliver content across multiple channels
  • Increase affordability by reducing textbook costs
  • Improve accessibility of information

Simple Syllabus transforms a traditional, print or flat PDF document into a dynamic resource for students. Mobile optimization ensures all users on campus are easily able to consume the information contained within the syllabus, regardless of device used. An automatically generated shopping list gives students an aggregated list of books and materials needed for their classes next semester and even helps them find the most affordable options to purchase them. 

Simple Syllabus is dedicated to meeting the needs of all students, and adheres to the strictest of accessibility standards to make sure all students have an opportunity to succeed.