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The Ultimate Guide To Syllabus Usability

Continuous improvement meets syllabi. Download this free resource on best practices for syllabus template design and publishing processes that promote usability for students.


  • 24 pages of research and recommendations
  • More than 75 actionable guidelines
  • In-depth coverage of four core categories: Design, Structure, Content, Delivery

syllabus template guide

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Research Survey: The Student Perspective

This study brings into focus how today’s information-driven, on-demand economy has shaped student expectations for the way their professors and administrators—and even institutions—communicate with them about their studies.

student perspective on syllabi

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Margin of error of +/- 5.61% with a confidence level of 90%.

Data Analysis: The Average College Syllabus

A new infographic, derived from an in-depth analysis of several hundred syllabi from more than 50 institutions,  helps bring into focus the evolving role that syllabi play on campus and the critical information disseminated to students through these documents.

Syllabus Infographic Thumbnail

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Infographic data compiled from analysis of several hundred syllabi from 53 institutions, including 4-year public, 4-year private, and 2-year community colleges of varying sizes.

ROI Calculator: Analyze Your Institution

How much does inefficient syllabus management processes cost your school annually? Use this free calculator to analyze the different ways your school is impacted, and how a syllabus management platform won’t only improve the experience of students, faculty, and administrators but save the institution serious money.

syllabus management software roi calculator

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Business Case: The numbers behind syllabus management

Not sure if your institution needs to evaluate it’s current syllabus management processes? This one-sheet benchmarks the average institution’s operation dedicated to updating, publishing, and retrieving syllabi across campus.

cost analysis for syllabus management

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Research Survey: The Current State of Syllabi

In this report, you’ll be presented with a statistical representation of how syllabi are created and used on campuses across the nation. Faculty, deans, provost’s office, registrar’s staff, and others have all weighed in on the standards and perceptions of academic content as presented in their syllabi.

current state of syllabi white paper

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Margin of error of +/- 6.6% with a confidence level of 90%.

Data Analysis: Your Student's Opinion

A new infographic, derived from an in-depth survey of several hundred students from institutions nationwide, helps bring into focus the academic information students value most, and what, in their opinion, needs the biggest improvement with regards to class syllabi.

Student Perspective Infographic

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Have you ever worked on a syllabus and wondered, what policies should I incorporate? Is this important enough that I need to remind students to read? What are other instructors doing? Thanks to this quick guide, there’s no need to wonder anymore!

syllabus creation

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Video Hub - Syllabus Management

The virtual demo hub contains videos to help institutional stakeholders explore the benefits of syllabus management technology and the capabilities of the Simple Syllabus platform. Perfect for:

  • Initial introduction to syllabus management
  • Users who want to learn more about Simple Syllabus at their own pace
  • Ability to review content multiple times and invite others on campus that may be interested


Syllabus Management Software Video Demo

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Buyers Guide: Syllabus Management Software

What do schools most commonly look for in a syllabus management platform? Why do institutions value these different functionalities? The Buyers Guide: Syllabus Management Software, compiles a list of over 65 distinct features of syllabus management and the justification for why the features are so critical to institutional success.

Syllabus Management Guide

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5 Ways To Incorporate Video Into Your Next Class Syllabus

Now more than ever is a great time to reflect on the way academic information can be better communicated to students. One exciting concept to consider—video. Check out these 5 ways to incorporate video content into your institution’s syllabi next semester for improved student engagement.

syllabus video

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