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Real-time insight

A centralized syllabus repository powers extensive syllabus reporting capabilities

Syllabus reporting

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The solution is Simple

Retrieval of institutional syllabi for compliance purposes has never been easier. Simple Syllabus is built on a centralized repository that archives all campus syllabi and their underlying data to support extensive syllabus reporting capabilities for accreditation.

Evidence Reports collect information and can be used to pull all syllabi campus wide, a subset of syllabi using filters, or individual components or pieces of content from syllabi in both a PDF and web format.

Continuous Improvement Reports help institutional stakeholders assess academic content and flag potential future issues. For instance, you can view the length of individual syllabus components expressed as a word count and set minimum or maximum alerts—if a course description is only five words, you’ll know about it.

For schools that require governance, Simple Syllabus supports multi-step workflow and automatic routing of syllabi to the appropriate approver based on organizational structure and role.

All the features your campus needs​

syllabus retrieval

Evidence collection

Collecting data campus wide is easy—access syllabi required for accreditation in minutes.

Syllabus assess engagement

Metrics dashboard

Track syllabus metrics at an institutional level and analyze trends.

Syllabus Management approval workflow

Multi-step workflow

Support even the most complex governance structures with a multi-step approval process.

Syllabus Accuracy Accreditation

Continuous improvement

Compare course content across sections and delivery methods to ensure consistency.

Achieve efficiency

Real-time data summarizes the status of syllabi campus wide and groups them into stages.

syllabus reporting tool

Support staff

Drill-down reports and treemaps provide insight into where support resources are needed.

Keep an audit trail of syllabi changes

Audit trail

Record all updates, including supporting data for approvals and documentation.

Google Analytics and Syllabus Management

Google Analytics integration

Further analyze user behavior and activities with direct integration with Google Analytics.

Automatic routing

Automatically route syllabi to the appropriate institutional user based on roles.