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Florida International University

The team at Florida international university
The Challenge: FIU needed a way to ensure all syllabi were relevant and up-to-date, and published in a consistent format with the necessary information to meet regulatory requirements. This required a mechanism to easily effectuate real-time changes. FIU had been unable to efficiently track and report on the status of syllabi submissions, making them uncertain if deadlines for publishing documents were met. A way to archive, retain, analyze and report on syllabus content and course data was also required.
Syllabus publishing platform
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Florida International University Syllabus Solution
Montcalm community college syllabus publishing
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Montcalm Community College

Rob Spohr, VP of Academic Affairs
The Challenge: When the Higher Learning Commission placed an increased emphasis on student communication and clear articulation of goals in courses, Montcalm Community College began the search for a better way. Old institutional processes for syllabus creation failed to provide adequate mechanisms to track or analyze success with requirements. Furthermore, institutional resources were limited, and a manual review of every course syllabus for compliance was not feasible.

Palm Beach State College

Robb Erwin, Instructional Technology Coordinator
The Challenge: Palm Beach State College supported syllabus publishing for years through a homegrown platform. However, as functional needs increased, such as integration with the institution’s faculty directory portal, PantherNet, and user support continued, research for an alternative solution gained traction—ultimately resulting in the selection and implementation of Simple Syllabus.
Syllabus publishing platform
syllabus management software
Palm Beach State College Syllabus Publishing
San Juan College Syllabus Management
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San Juan College

Sandy Gilpin, Associate VP of Learning
The Challenge: Instructors and staff at San Juan College never imagined how time-consuming continual updates to the curriculum could be—manually updating two different but similar documents, a syllabus, and a course guide. Additionally, these crucial documents did not meet accessibility standards—a problem experienced by many institutions as they look to enhance student capabilities. Furthermore, tracking changes and ensuring accurate content was manual and cumbersome.

Southwestern Assemblies of God University

Dr. Julie McElhany, Director—Office of Faculty Development
The Challenge: After analyzing course evaluations and student data surveys, SAGU found the lack of consistency in syllabi presentation and navigation negatively impacted the student experience
Syllabus publishing platform
syllabus management software
SAGU syllabus authoring tool