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Launches New Syllabus Management Platform

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Montcalm Community College has taken its commitment to serving students another leap forward this academic year, launching higher education’s leading syllabus management tool, Simple Syllabus.

Class syllabi will now be available to students prior to the first day of class across multiple channels including web, mobile, and print. Simple Syllabus also integrates into Canvas, the learning management system MCC uses, so students have easy online access to class expectations, including textbooks. “The instructor or department chair will be able to update the textbook information,” said Rob Spohr, Vice President for Student and Academic Affairs. “Soon, all syllabi will interface with Barnes and Noble, which operates the college’s bookstore, so students can order their books directly from the website.”

The syllabus management tool also has the ability to store a student’s class syllabi as they progress through their academic careers. For students who ultimately plan on transferring, the syllabus software can save a lot of time by collecting critical information within the syllabus that the students need for articulation at another institution.

The software has other benefits, as well—it is designed to help reduce institutional workload and improve regulatory compliance. Simple Syllabus will allow MCC instructors or department heads to update critical syllabus information centrally, such as assessment and evaluation expectations, grading scale and attendance policy through cloud based software.

“Simple Syllabus is one of the ways the college is better utilizing our student information system software—Jenzabar,” said Debra Alexander, Dean of Student and Enrollment Services.


It has the ability to automatically pre-populate major portions of the syllabus with data, such as class day, time, and location.

Reporting capabilities will be another time-saving convenience afforded to the college. MCC is accredited by the Higher Learning Commision, and the syllabus application will make class syllabi, and most importantly their underlying data, easily retrievable for more streamlined accreditation and assessment activities.

About Montcalm Community College

Established in 1965, Montcalm Community College supports more than 1,600 students annually on their journey toward earning a college degree. One of 28 public community colleges in the state of Michigan, MCC offers 54 programs for students.

About Simple Syllabus

Simple Syllabus is a centralized, template-driven platform that enables instructors to quickly personalize and publish interactive class syllabi. The application’s unique approach pulls together established institutional data such as policies, learning objectives, and course section content so faculty don’t have to—ensuring compliance with accreditation standards.

Institutional Goals Accomplished

Simple Syllabus will help Montcalm address a number of key objectives, including:

  • Reduce instructor workload by automatically populating syllabi with institutional policies and course data
  • Improve student experience with syllabi available in web, mobile, and print formats across multiple locations, including Canvas
  • Simplify retrieval of documentation resulting in better reporting for HLC accreditation
  • Create a centralized repository of all college syllabi for easier transfer and articulation activities for students
  • Support better standardization of policies and institutional content to improve communication across campus
  • Support faster onboarding of new instructors through a built-in syllabus creation process