Simple Syllabus

Ohio S.B. 83

Simple Syllabus can help your institution quickly meet regulatory requirements.

Compliance Made Simple

Simple Syllabus is an online, centralized publishing platform that automatically archives all syllabi in an easily searchable repository—ideal for meeting the regulatory requirements of S.B. 83 Ohio Higher Education Enhancement Act. More than 300 colleges and universities nationwide already leverage the platform, including Miami University, Hocking College, Southern State Community College and more.

The Simple Solution

Leverage the capabilities of Simple Syllabus to not only quickly and easily meet the requirements of Ohio S.B. 83, but deliver a solution that improves the lives of students, instructors and administrators campus wide.

Syllabus Management Template

Dynamic Templates

Balance academic freedom with regulatory compliance by leveraging templates. Ensure instructors can customize their syllabus to the classroom, while ensuring required content such as the course instructor’s details, course outline, required materials, and schedule are included. Unique to Simple Syllabus is a schedule sync feature with Canvas, Blackboard, and Brightspace—saving instructors time and eliminating dual entry by automatically building this area of the syllabus.

Centralized, public repository

Automatically publish all syllabi campus wide in an easily searchable, centralized repository for the general public. In addition to integrating with your college or university website and ensuring less than 3 clicks from the homepage, Simple Syllabus also connects with most major LMS platforms so students and instructors can continue to collaborate in the classroom. Simple Syllabus also keeps a record of all completed syllabi for years to come for seamless archival purposes.
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syllabus sis integration

Real-time reporting

Harness the power of extensive reporting and automate compliance with S.B. 83. Track the publication of required course syllabi in real time and ensure on-time delivery ahead of statutory obligations. Simple Syllabus can be configured to have deadlines and send automatic reminder emails to faculty based on predefined dates. Streamline the biennial review processes by creating a custom, reusable report that exports required data on syllabi in a single click.

Seamlessly integrated

Simple Syllabus uses the power of your existing technology ecosystem to automate syllabus creation to ensure that the titles of all mandatory courses designated in Ohio S.B. 83 are published online and on time—with minimal manual intervention from your staff. Our tool supports integrations with the most popular learning management systems using LTI and API integration options. In addition to working with the LMS, Simple Syllabus has integrations with most major SIS platforms.
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Build-out pathways for syllabus publishing

Partner for success

Drawing on our experience as the largest provider of syllabus technology in North America, Simple Syllabus uses a simple, proven methodology to provide the best possible experience. Having worked with more than 300 colleges and universities, we know how to help your school get up and running quickly to meet the legislative requirements. Today, on average, schools spend just 30 hours of staff time across a 12-week timeline to launch the platform.