Florida SB 7044 & Syllabus Management

Compliance Made Easy

Every semester, hundreds if not thousands of syllabi are created by faculty across many different schools, colleges, and departments lacking efficient means for updating and managing that data centrally. Throw in new legislation such as Florida SB 7044, and you can have a real compliance problem on your hands. New regulatory requirements, with a tight timeline, introduce operational uncertainty for even the most prepared organizations.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way. Simple Syllabus is a centralized, template-driven platform that automatically archives all syllabi and provides a robust reporting platform for the state of Florida. It’s designed to meet the challenges of SB 7044 and many of your peers already leverage the tool—including Palm Beach State College, University of West Florida, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and many more.

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Software Does the Heavy Lifting

Headquartered in Tampa, Florida—Simple Syllabus is already helping many of your peers meet the regulatory requirements of SB 7044. The Simple Syllabus technology provides your organization with:

  • Public facing, centralized portal for digital syllabi and related course information such as textbooks
  • Live integration and data sync with textbook/material providers
  • Easily searchable repository using course details such as subject, code, textbooks, instructor, and more
  • Automatic archiving of all syllabus records and course content in an easily exportable format
  • Deadline management tool with automatic email reminders around SB 7044 due dates
  • Extensive reporting engine to build required reports for state regulators

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Florida SB 7044 Consulting Call

Looking to streamline compliance for SB 7044? Setup a free consultation and see how Simple Syllabus helps institutions of higher learning in Florida address this critical legislative requirement quickly and easily.
The only syllabus management tool with

All The Features You Need

Public Access To Course Information

Simple Syllabus is built on an easily searchable syllabus repository, making course information readily available to the public in web and mobile- optimized formats. All syllabi published within the tool are automatically archived and retained to fulfill record retention requirements.

Ensure Required Course Content

Find harmony between established standards and instructor autonomy through templates. Simple Syllabus increases efficiency and ensures compliance with SB 7044 through template permission structures that can require instructors to add certain syllabus content. The tool can also be used to prepopulate major portions of the syllabus, such as textbooks and materials, so faculty don’t have to.

Meet Required Deadlines

Track syllabus publishing and ensure required content is public 45 days before the start of the semester. Simple Syllabus is the only syllabus management platform that helps administrators set deadlines, automatically generate email reminders, and efficiently track the status of outstanding syllabi for proper remediation.

Publish Course Materials

Simple Syllabus makes it easy to capture and publish course materials from instructors and supports live integrations with your textbook providers, automatically updating syllabi and course details with ongoing changes. 

Fulfill Update Requirements

Simple Syllabus seamlessly integrates with most major LMS and SIS platforms ensuring data is constantly updated and maintained within your class syllabi. As classes change textbooks, are assigned new instructors, or have sections added—Simple Syllabus revises syllabi to automatically reflect these changes without manual intervention, saving staff time and providing peace of mind. 

Streamline Compliance Reporting

Streamline reporting activities for the state of Florida with evidence collection and data analysis tools that dig into syllabus and course data within Simple Syllabus. Grab any syllabus, part of a syllabus, or collection of course materials campus wide within seconds.