Why CourseLeaf schools choose Simple Syllabus for their syllabus management needs

The fastest growing and most widely used syllabus management provider in higher education, Simple Syllabus gives your institution an easy-to-use platform that is highly customizable and cost effective. Focused exclusively on the field of syllabus management, Simple Syllabus delivers a far more comprehensive solution than CourseLeaf Syllabus, but don’t just take our word for it, plenty of CourseLeaf schools already use the Simple Syllabus platform.

Dynamic Templates

Find harmony between established standards and instructor autonomy

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Powerful Publisher

Save instructors time and eliminate redundancy

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Centralized Repository

Easily archive and retrieve syllabus records

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Detailed Reporting

Evidence collection and assessment made easy

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Student-centric Portal

Easier access to better academic information

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Unbelievably powerful, because this is our specialty.

You’ve heard the phrase, “jack of all trades, master of none.” This mentality has become pervasive amongst some edutech vendors; firms promise to be a single source for catalog, curriculum, scheduling, course planning/student advising, registration, learning outcomes tracking, and now even syllabus publishing. Unfortunately, this type of strategy often translates to software that’s convoluted and barely meets even the most basic institutional requirements in an area.

Simple Syllabus is philosophically committed to a very different approach, delivering the world’s most feature complete, easy-to-use syllabus management platform. To do so, we focus exclusively on the field of syllabus management and bring a suite of features that support even the most complex institutional setups.

Don’t settle for recycled functionality.

Software that effectively supports hundreds or thousands of different instructors, publishing class syllabi across multiple modalities and campuses every semester, requires a significantly different approach than a catalog management tool, publishing once a year in the Registrar’s office. Simple Syllabus is fully embedded within most major LMS platforms and requires no additional training for faculty or students to use.

Simple Syllabus also comes with powerful reporting capabilities required to help schools meet accreditation and regulatory requirements—further driving the ROI of the platform compared to other systems.

Usability is key.

If a tool isn’t easy to use, campus stakeholders won’t use it—this is where Simple Syllabus excels compared to the competition. The Simple Syllabus platform is intuitive and was designed from the ground up to save faculty time with the only single-click interface for syllabus publishing. It’s also smart, doing the heavy lifting for your users, carrying forward their previous content and pre-populating major sections of the syllabus for them.

Engineered using input from a variety of different campus stakeholders, the software’s roles are highly personalized to the types of responsibilities commonly found across campus—translating to stronger user satisfaction amongst faculty and campus communities as a whole.