Syllabus Awards

The Syllabus Awards

The Syllabus Awards recognize individuals and teams at institutions of higher learning that have transformed the way they communicate curriculum to students in an effort to drive engagement, and better meet the needs and expectations of students in today’s modern classrooms.

Syllabus Influencer Award

JoEllen Green, MS, ASA
syllabus management school

This award recognizes an instructor who has transformed their syllabus into a 21st century resource, successfully engaging students through the use of interactive media including video, audio, and other rich media elements.

Online Syllabus
Syllabus design

Syllabus Design Star

Julie McElhany / Josiah Pitterson/ & Team
syllabus management awards

This award recognizes a school that has developed a syllabus design that is both appealing and functional for students, incorporating institutional branding elements and a professional look and feel.

Syllabus Marathon Award

Sharon Floyd, Ed.D, SHRM-SCP

This award recognizes an individual who has tirelessly created many syllabi, a true academic content creator. This year’s recipient produced more than 62 syllabi in just a few months in an effort to support effective learning at their institution.

syllabus creation
Syllabus tool


Sandy Gilpin, M.ED & Team
syllabus management software award

This award recognizes a school that has worked hard and quickly adapted the way they deliver curriculum through digital class syllabi. Engaging campus stakeholders and fostering collaboration, recipients of this award exemplify how to best roll out new technology.