Syllabus School

A look at new trends and technology

When: September 30th, 2:00 pm ET
Where: Zoom Meeting

The class syllabus is a key point of convergence between your institution’s curriculum and the student experience. Join this one hour webinar series, Syllabus School, to learn about the latest research and techniques being used to:

  • Improve academic content quality
  • Reduce instructor workload
  • Improve the classroom experience

Additionally during this interactive session complete with a question and answer segment, you will get a high level demonstration of Simple Syllabus, the leading syllabus publishing platform for higher education.

syllabus school

About Simple Syllabus

Simple Syllabus is a centralized, template-driven platform that automatically populates major portions of the syllabus so your faculty and staff don’t have to.

Easy to use and instantaneous, the administrative template builder will enable you to quickly define the required informational sections, structure, and design of your institution’s syllabi while still giving faculty the autonomy to personalize content for their classroom. Standardized data such as policies can be setup to automatically populate, saving time and ensuring consistency whenever there is a change.

From your instructor’s personalized dashboard, they will see a listing of both current and upcoming class syllabi with the ability to quickly modify through an online syllabus publisher. Designed specifically for faculty updating syllabi, the user interface is incredibly intuitive and requires no training to use. Its web-based architecture means it’s accessible from anywhere, anytime and requires no software installation or updates. All changes made to the syllabus are automatically saved without any need to push a button.

Retrieval of your institution’s syllabi for compliance purposes is even easier. Simple Syllabus is built on a centralized repository that archives all campus syllabi and their underlying data to support extensive reporting capabilities for accreditation.

Accreditation & Compliance

  • Configurable templates for standardization
  • Centralized repository and archiving
  • Powerful reporting capabilities

Reduce Workload

  • Automated population of institutional data
  • Virtual personal assistant
  • Accelerate adjunct onboarding with digital processes
  • Elimination of redundant tasks

Improve Learning & Persistence

  • Direct integration with LMS
  • Student planning portal
  • Mobile optimization of syllabi
  • Accessibility for all students