Syllabus Management Efficiency

Sustainability & Reduced Hard Costs

Simple Syllabus helps schools reduce print costs and bolster sustainability efforts by transforming paper-based syllabi into interactive, digital documents. With Simple Syllabus, syllabi campus wide are published to web, mobile, and if needed, print formats. The application interfaces with almost all major LMS platforms using LTI, ensuring students can easily access class information from anywhere, at anytime.

Reduce Instructor Workload

The administrative workload on instructors has been increasing steadily for years. Simple Syllabus eliminates redundant tasks and streamlines the syllabus creation process to save faculty valuable time. The software prepopulates major sections of the syllabus for instructors, while still giving them the autonomy to personalize the document to their classroom.

Streamline Accreditation

Simple Syllabus helps schools reduce workload associated with regulatory and compliance procedures. A powerful reporting module makes evidence collection easy; administrators can collect any syllabi, groups of syllabi, or single data points from syllabi campus wide with just a few clicks. Established templates also help promote consistency and ensure that required verbiage, such as an ADA statement, make it into the syllabus. Optimization for accessibility is automatic and makes syllabi usable for all students.

Student Support

Students ranked the syllabus the most important resource for academic information at a rate of two-to-one to the next closest tool, the website. Simple Syllabus puts information in the hands of students—increasing transparency and reducing barriers to degree completion. The Simple Syllabus Student Portal retains all syllabi for classes in which students were enrolled for easy retrieval in the future.

Reduce Technical Debt

Almost all institutions are being asked to do more with less; for most IT departments this means a backlog of critical projects that require valuable resources. Simple Syllabus, an entirely cloud based platform, requires no installation of software either on users computers or the institution’s server environment and can reduce tech debt for institutions already managing a homegrown solution.