Syllabus Management Purposefully Built for Pennsylvania

PA Code 335 Compliance Made Easy

Every semester, hundreds if not thousands of syllabi are created by faculty across many different schools, colleges, and departments lacking efficient means for updating and managing that data centrally, throw in rules and regulations that impacts funding for community colleges, such as Pennsylvania Code 335, and you can have a real compliance problem on your hands.

Fortunately it doesn’t have to be this way. Simple Syllabus is a centralized, template-driven platform that automatically populates major portions of the syllabus so your faculty and staff don’t have to. It’s been specifically designed from the ground up to help community colleges in Pennsylvania address regulatory requirements associated with Code 335.2, and most importantly, improve the student experience while reducing workload on instructors and administrators. 

syllabus reporting

Ensure Required Course Content

Find harmony between established standards and instructor autonomy through templates. Simple Syllabus increases efficiency and ensures compliance with PA Code 335 through template permission structures that can require instructors to add certain syllabus content. The tool can also be used to prepopulate major portions of the syllabus so faculty don’t have to—saving time and eliminating frustration.


Ensure your course content is developed and approved in accordance with institutional procedures and standards with automated workflow. Dynamically route syllabus submissions to campus stakeholders based on roles and meet all guidelines set forth in PA Code 335 for assessing alignment between course offerings and the institutional mission.


Streamline reporting activities for both the state of Pennsylvania and the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) with evidence collection and data analysis tools that dig into syllabus data within Simple Syllabus. Grab any syllabus, part of a syllabus, or collection of syllabi campus wide within seconds.


Empower instructors with a dedicated interface for managing learning goals within their course. Determine the scope of editing capabilities and leverage detailed reporting capabilities to identify how learning goals map out across programs and campus.


Simple Syllabus is built on an easily searchable syllabus repository, making course information readily available to the public in web and mobile optimized formats. All syllabi published within the tool are automatically archived and retained to fulfill any record retention requirements.

Manager Materials

Save instructors time with a dedicated interface to quickly manage course materials and required references. Dynamically pull textbook information and other approved course resources to reduce data entry errors. Provides students with a centralized interface for assessing course materials required across all their enrollments.