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Take the guesswork out of curriculum compliance

Higher education is evolving as more and more students seek flexible educational delivery opportunities that reshape the way instructors teach. Manual, paper-based processes tethered in the past slow down innovation and hinder an institution’s ability to deliver new curriculum and engage students. Considered the most important resource for academic information by students at a rate of two-to-one to the next closest tool, the website, the syllabus is in dire need of modernization, both in how it is created and consumed.

Get started on a path to a simpler future.


Simple Syllabus is a centralized, template-driven platform that streamlines the instructional design process and ensures curriculum consistency across course sections and modalities. It changes the way students consume course information, supporting interactive media such as video, and simultaneously publishing the syllabus in web, mobile, and print formats. Integrated and embedded within most popular Learning Management Systems, Simple Syllabus is highly intuitive and helps schools onboard new instructors quickly, with inline instructions and guidance on how to best formulate parts of their syllabus.

A powerful reporting engine puts syllabi, and their underlying data, at your fingertips reducing workload associated with accreditation and regulatory compliance.

Integrate With Existing Learning Ecosystems

Leveraging the learning tools interoperability standard (LTI), Simple Syllabus can be connected to most learning management systems in under 30 minutes, creating a seamless experience for students and a more intuitive publishing process for faculty.

Powerful Reporting for Compliance

Collecting data campus wide is easy. The Simple Syllabus reporting interface empowers institutional stakeholders with the ability to retrieve all syllabi campus wide, individual syllabi, or a subset of syllabi based on filters, in PDF and web-based formats in a matter of seconds. Simple Syllabus can be used to export just a single data point if an individual component from a syllabus is needed, such as textbooks, assignments, or grading scale.

Better Leverage Instructional Design

Simple Syllabus empowers schools with an online, easy-to-use template builder that establishes required syllabus components and automates content creation. Completely personalize the template to your institution’s needs by creating and configuring as many dedicated component areas as needed. Assign content ownership to different layers of the organization, for instance, policies to academic affairs, grading scale to department chairs, and assignments to course instructors.

Deliver an Engaging Experience

Simple Syllabus helps make your course content ubiquitous and brings it to life. The software automatically optimizes your syllabus for web, mobile, and print while ensuring accessibility for students with disabilities. With Simple Syllabus, preparing for class has never been easier for students; an automatically generated shopping list with all the materials needed for their classes each semester means they’re ready on day one.

Streamline Instructor Onboarding

Accelerate the onboarding of new instructors or adjuncts with built-in help text, how-tos, and guides for creating each syllabus component directly within the template. Pre-populate suggested default text for syllabus components to help get instructors started on creating engaging syllabus content. Link out to external faculty support resources inline throughout the syllabus template.

Ensure Curriculum Quality

Assessing academic content quality, such as the information contained within syllabi, has traditionally been difficult, until now. Continuous Improvement reports within Simple Syllabus can identify potential issues related to content disparities or length. Compare the information being communicated in a course across sections and delivery methods to ensure consistency. Evaluate the quantity of information being communicated to students and identify anomalies.