Digital Syllabus Solution for Art Schools

Simple Syllabus is a centralized, template-driven platform that enables instructors to quickly personalize and publish interactive class syllabi for the classroom—all while ensuring compliance with regulatory and accreditation standards. Perfect for schools focused on the arts, the tool brings the syllabus into the 21st century delivering content in web, mobile and when needed, print formats. It also seamlessly helps schools protect brand standards and incorporate rich media elements such as video, audio, and images into the student experience.

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Syllabus Management System

The Features You Need

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Highly Configurable Templates

Simple Syllabus empowers art schools with an online, easy-to-use template builder that establishes required syllabus components. Completely personalize the syllabus template to your institution’s needs by creating and configuring as many dedicated component areas as needed. Assign content ownership to different layers of the organization, for instance, policies to academic affairs, grading scale to department chairs, and assignments to course instructors.


Art institutions are oftentimes delivering classes across multiple campuses and form factors such as in person, online, or hybrid. The Simple Syllabus technology creates a storage hub in a single location for all these documents digitally without requiring any additional effort from instructors. Syllabi published through the tool are automatically listed in the syllabus library with a link to both a web and PDF version.


Understand and report on course requirements from across your campus, including class supplies and the costs incurred by your students for these materials. Easily identify areas for improvement and generate the documentation needed for regulatory bodies and accreditation compliance.


Enhance the design of your institution’s class syllabi with interactivity. Simple Syllabus supports images hosted directly within the syllabus publisher or externally and can even add digital assets to the software from a copy and paste. Instructors can upload video or embed clips from popular sites such as Youtube, Vimeo, or Wistia to further enhance the student experience and express their artistic side.


Give your creative instructors complete control and autonomy of the areas of the syllabus that matter most to them with writable rights. Configure syllabus components to be optional and let instructors decide whether to include them or not in their syllabus template. When enabled, Ad Hoc components can give instructors the ability to add additional areas of content to an established template to further personalize a syllabus to their classroom. Sorting, if engaged, lets instructors reorganize the sequencing of content.


Common at art institutions, help accelerate the on-boarding of new instructors or adjuncts with built in help text, how-tos, and guides for creating each syllabus component directly within the template. Pre-populate suggested default text for syllabus components to help get instructors started on creating engaging syllabus content. Link out to external faculty support resources inline throughout the syllabus template.