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Considered an important resource for students and deliverable for accreditation, syllabi have been notoriously difficult to track and maintain. Every semester, hundreds if not thousands of syllabi are created by faculty across many different schools, divisions, and departments lacking efficient means for updating and managing that data; not surprisingly, nearly one in three college administrators now report that their institution has a problem with consistency in their syllabi. Here at Simple Syllabus we would like to share how our cloud based technology can:

  • Promote quality academic content through syllabus templates that require critical information for student success
  • Reduce instructor and administrator workload with an automated publishing platform
  • Enhance the student experience with interactive class syllabi integrated directly within the LMS
  • Jumpstart continuous enhancement with qualitative and detailed analytics on curriculum
  • Better optimize curriculum content for accessibility, providing access to all students regardless of disabilities

Since we won’t have a chance to meet in Maryland, we wanted to strike up a conversation virtually. Schedule a 10-15 minute phone meeting and/or register for an exclusive one hour webinar, available to all planned AACC conference attendees.

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Attend a webinar:

How community colleges are leveraging syllabus technology nationwide

Location/Time:  Monday, March 30 th 3:00 – 4:00 pm ET

Presenters: Wes Miller, Simple Syllabus

Description: Register for this one hour webinar and learn about Simple Syllabus just as you would have at AACC. Simple Syllabus is a publishing platform designed to automate the task of creating class syllabi. Built on the concept of templates, the tool ensures required content is included and provides a comprehensive analytics package to track curriculum content across all courses. Optimized for accessibility, it expands access to information to all students and improves the overall learning experience campus wide.

During this fast pace session you will not only learn about the concept of syllabus management and why it matters, but get a live demonstration of the Simple Syllabus technology.


Simple Syllabus is a centralized, template-driven platform that automatically populates major portions of the syllabus so your faculty and staff don’t have to. Easy to use and instantaneous, the administrative template builder will enable you to quickly define the required informational sections, structure, and design of your institution’s syllabi while still giving faculty the autonomy to personalize content for their classroom. Standardized data such as policies can be setup to automatically populate, saving time and ensuring consistency whenever there is a change.

Retrieval of your institution’s syllabi for compliance purposes is even easier. Simple Syllabus is built on a centralized syllabus repository that archives all campus syllabi and their underlying data to support extensive reporting capabilities for accreditation and effective syllabus management.

Accreditation & Compliance

  • Configurable templates for standardization
  • Centralized repository and archiving
  • Powerful reporting capabilities

Reduce Workload

  • Automated population of institutional data
  • Virtual personal assistant
  • Accelerate adjunct onboarding with digital processes
  • Elimination of redundant tasks

Improve Learning & Persistence

  • Direct integration with LMS
  • Student planning portal
  • Mobile optimization of syllabi
  • Accessibility for all students